2D Animation Reel

00:01 : We the Common - Music Video
Flash animation, was comped with live action footage.

00:09 : Maintenance - Unfinished Short Film
Flash animation + vector backgrounds.

00:21 : Walk Cycle Test Animation
Flash animation + vector background.

00:24 : The Mountain King - Short Film
After Effects + traditional pencil art, backgrounds.

00:41 : Drunk Driving Simulator - Flash Game
Flash animation + vector backgrounds.

00:50 : Holiday Penguin - Flash Greeting Card
Flash animation + vector backgrounds.

Music: The Custodian of Records - You Can't Eat

Motion Graphics Reel

00:01, 00:14, 0:28, 00:47 : Clips for Appcelerator
After Effects and Flash vector art and animation.

00:04, 00:33 : "How to Play Padel"
After Effects and Flash vector art and animation.

00:09 : "Generation O" Short Film Titles
Flash vector art and animation.

00:18 : "Arax" Short Film Titles and Credits
Photoshop and After Effects comping and camera.

00:26  : "Rafi Baby" Short Film Titles
Photoshop and After Effects glow and flicker effect.

00:36 : Teff Plant Growing
Flash and After Effects, for Spaceout Productions

00:41 : AskVideo.com Online Course
Flash and After Effects animation and kinetic text.

00:50 : Abstract Test Animation
After Effects, pen, paper

Music: The Custodian of Records - Emo Step Show

After Effects VFX Reel

00:01, 00:30 : Destroyer Music Video
After Effects compositing, masking, underwater effects.
Directed by Dawn Garcia.

00:10, 00:21, 00:39 : TV on the Radio Music Video
After Effects particle effects, masking, time remapping.
Directed by Dawn Garcia.

00:15 : Fresh and Onlys Music Video
After effects compositing, masking, backgrounds.
Directed by Dawn Garcia.

Music: The Custodian of Records - Thunderstorm